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 The fallen

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PostSubject: The fallen    Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:43 am

Having traveled for 2 hrs now the endless sand grrrr. The heat is unbearable. Whos idea was it to invade a desert country? Why cant we invade a country where the women are not dressed like fat ninjas ! Some where like the playboy mansion !!! WHat!!!!! Weeee Weeeee. Need to stop, back to the story . Oh one more thing this Lani's song just came on, it's putting me to sleep. If only Saddam would've known such song existed the war would been over and we would I've lost. Your into the mission, a loud boom !!!!! waking me at 2 O'clock , i quickly stand up grab the and cock it. bullets flying everywhere; the enemy has ambushed us from both sides of the road. Idiots attacked us at night .... we have night vision!!! I point the at the muzzle flashes and start shooting. One shot goes off oh CRAP!!!! its jammed!!!! Sgt Screaming "SHoot Shoot Shoot " ! Damn it i try clearing the weapon cock it back shots jammed again what the fuck is going on. The enemy notices I'm having trouble with he weapon starts lighting me up. The bullets bounce off the armor of the vehicle guarding my chest. I then get down and grab my M16 and shoot a couple rounds .... no use its over. My first fight was a personal failure . I did learn from that.... my weapon will never jam again.

P.S. The Taliban's aren't good shots .

Ill kill you 5 times before you hit the floor.
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The fallen
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